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While we are best known for bringing authentic Neapolitan pizza to Toronto, that’s only the beginning of our story.

When Naples met Toronto…

After drawing inspiration from the Neapolitan pizza tradition native to Naples, Pizzeria Libretto opened its Ossington location in August of 2008. Committed to delivering a true southern Italian experience, we were one of the first restaurants in Toronto to proudly serve VPN certified pizza within the strict guidelines laid out by the Napoli government.

As Pizzeria Libretto has expanded to five locations around Toronto and evolved our menus to include new ingredients and cooking styles, Executive Chef Rocco Agostino remains rooted in the belief that food should be simple and made with passion, while embracing the fruitful land and community values that Canadians hold dear. He works hard to preserve the harmonious marriage between his culinary heritage and love for the place he now calls home, by innovating on Italian classics using homegrown ingredients, and by bringing a creative and forward-thinking approach to well-known recipes and pizzeria favourites.

And the rest is history!

Meet Chef Rocco Agostino & Max Rimaldi

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