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Winter in Trentino


Delicious and boozy hot chocolate! Dillon's Walnut Amaro & Jim Beam mix, with a side of syrup. Add steamed milk, stir & enjoy. Serves 2

Cacao Negroni

Dark chocolate embraces the classic flavours of the Negroni. A touch of nutiness with the addition of classic sweet marsala. Dillons Gin 7, Cinzano, Vito Curatolo Marsala Dolce, Campari, and Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters. Serve over ice or enjoy neat. Serves 3

Libretto Negroni

Our best possible version of a classic. A western style very adaptable gin is paired with a vanilla heavy classic vermouth of Torino. Bombay Saphire, Cinzano & Campari. Serves 3

Rosata Negroni

A lightly floral and unique take on the Negroni. Slightly bitter with a mild anise flavour. Dillon's Gin 7 (Fennel Infused), Dolin Dry Vermouth, Strawberry Cocchi Rosa % Scrappy's Celery Bitters. Serve over ice or enjoy neat. Serves 3