Ask Us




What is Neapolitan-style pizza? Does it only come in one size? 

 For us, less is more. Here you will enjoy a fresh, light pizza with high standard local ingredients. The crust itself will be slightly charred, looking like its spotted. Don’t worry - it’s not burnt - it’s simply cooked on the stone of our ovens. The pizza will not be overly sauced, nor will it be completely covered in cheese. 

The pizzas we serve are roughly 12 inches with four slices per pie. We view these pizzas as personal sized, but we also encourage you to order "family-style" and share!

Can you accommodate large groups? 

We can accommodate parties of one, all the way up to entire buyouts of the restaurant! It varies from location to location, but you can always drop us a line at for more details on large parties. 

Do you deliver? 

Currently, we are partnered with Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, and Ritual. We also take orders for pickup here.

Do you offer vegan options? 


We offer a number of pizzas and appetizers which are vegan, and even make our own vegan mozzarella in house. Shoot, we even have vegan wines!

How about gluten free dough?


We offer gluten free crust for take out as well as dine in at all of our locations. 

Do you have nut free items?

We can accommodate all allergies, and our kitchens are peanut-free.

What if I don't eat pork?

We have many dishes to choose from! As an example, the Margherita, Marinara, and Duck Confit Pizzas are already pork-free, and many other pizzas and appetizers can be modified to accommodate this request. 

Are you hiring? 

We are always looking for new additions to the team! Please feel free to email your resume to We also post current job opening on our social media accounts, so give us a follow on IG for more up to date info!